Changes to the Agoraphobic Reviewer


I have returned from the Swiss Alps. Geller, Rowling and I have cooked up a foolproof solution to the global recession and you should all be feeling the effects of that shortly.  As you will have seen, my Das Boots were filled a little too impressively by Banjo Fett. I salute Mr Fett with a heartfelt powergrab for his excellent sequel to Das Boot, the German spinoff from the popular children’s cartoon, The Shoe People. It is good to see that his version remained faithful to the spirit of its animated roots. We will be seeing more entries from him, and these are the changes to which the title of this entry refers.

Like misery, agorophobia loves company, and so henceforth, in addition to my own waffling, this blog will feature the writings of others , including Banjo Fett, who, like me, are interested in exploring the interstices between popular culture and just making things up for a dry, weaselly titter. Old Rope of Old Rope fame has promised to contribute some entries in the next few weeks, and I am confident that by constantly hectoring Nobody of Any Eventuality fame and my pal Stephen in Liverpool I will manage to coerce some reviews from them as well.

That’s that then.


3 Responses to “Changes to the Agoraphobic Reviewer”

  1. oldrope Says:

    My favourite Shoe Person was Sergeant Major, whose harsh but harsh would not go amiss in the anarchy of Brown’s Britain.

    Althugh of course I can relate to Trampy most myself

  2. Banjo Fett Says:

    There was an old Captain,
    who lived in Das Boot,
    He had so many chainsaw-rockets,
    But he didn’t need to shoot,
    Them because his spinning kick signature move was unstoppable.

  3. johnlebaptiste Says:

    What about that sinister shoe person, Brothel Creeper, that came in during season 3? That was a dark story arc.

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