Enter the Rustbucket


Did I first discover Pariah Rustbucket hypnotising a postbox with a flugelhorn, silent upon a peak in Darien, or did Pariah Rustbucket first discover me, dancing with a spanner in a nuclear winter, violent upon a pear in Dagenham? It depends on whether you believe Friends Reunited or Facebook.

What is Pariah Rustbucket? This is not a rhetorical question, I’m asking you. For, though I have read Pariah’s mind-expanding prose, and though I have met the said individual in person, dressed like Columbo and shooting at me with a crossbow, I am no closer to unravelling the existential conundrum presented by the one the natives call ‘Rustbucket’.

We know that Pariah Rustbucket was born to a Sheikh and the Shake-and-Vac inventor. We know that Pariah showed an early aptitude for talking to dead animals, and once held a three-day symposium with the contents of a deli display cabinet on the subject of horseradish sauce. We know that Pariah probably killed Uri Geller. But this is all.

Just one more thing: henceforth, the Rustbucket will be contributing to this blog. You can also read Pariah’s mindfruit at www.pariahrustbucket.wordpress.com. I especially recommend this entry which blew my mind into my nose, such was its incantatory visionary genius.


One Response to “Enter the Rustbucket”

  1. pariahrustbucket Says:

    ‘Violent upon a pear in Dagenham’. Excellent, Monsieur Le Baptiste.

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