Tron 2 (spoiler alert)


There are whispers in the wind and down by the derelict arcade portending a Tron sequel. I am very excited and am unbearably curious to see the kinds of futuristic new realms to which they will take the story. I should add that I haven’t seen the first Tron. Regardless, here is a theme tune I have written for Tron 2. I am confident that it is the best thing I have ever written and ever will write. I feel it captures the aspirational mood and dark, futuristic morality of what I imagine the Tron films are all about. Here it is:

Title: Your Tron is True

(verse 1)

I saw a virtual woman in the neon rain

She fired a dirty pixel into my brain

I felt a tron fly into my port

We got married and played virtual sport


Sometimes you gotta feel the tron

Flying through the storm

Sometimes you gotta (you gotta) ride the tron

Flying through the storm

Don’t let anyone tell ya what to do

Show ’em your tron-style

Because your tron is true

(vers2 2)

All those fools in the analogue world

Their tron is weak, they tron like girls

I fired a tron right into their eyes

And then they looked at me and realised…


Sometimes you gotta feel the tron

Flying through the storm

Sometimes you gotta (you gotta) ride the tron

Flying through the storm

Don’t let anyone mess around with you

Don’t let ’em take your mind

Don’t let ’em try to break your heart

Or stick their hatred in your port


We’re tronning, we’re tronning, we’re tronning for love

(continue to fade)


10 Responses to “Tron 2 (spoiler alert)”

  1. Banjo Fett Says:

    Hey, that’s pretty catchy. I thought for a moment the ending was going to go “We’re tronnin’… ooh yeah, I wann tron it with you. We’re tronnin’… whoah, I hope you like tronnin’ too.”

  2. johnlebaptiste Says:

    Thanks. I intend to record it at some point just as soon as I get some new batteries for my stylophone. I can’t afford a vocoder so I may just have to do an amateur tracheotomy on myself. These days music is all about the DIY aesthetic anyway.

  3. Banjo Fett Says:

    It sure is. Why just the other day I composed and performed a 45-piece orchestral concerto on my own. I soldered the entire brass section together to form like a gargantuan Frankenstein’s harmonica, and I also played the flute with my bum.

  4. oldrope Says:

    Was that you? I thought I heard a hellish noise wafting across Yorkshire.

    Although kudos to you for that flute solo about half an hour in.

    as for you le Bappy, I would strongly advise against recording this piece. Your last E.P. ‘Bareback To Bethlehem’ was not about riding donkeys as I suspected but rather something far more uncouth. Do you wonder why it only scraped the Top 20?

  5. johnlebaptiste Says:

    Sometimes you gotta feel the flute
    Sticking out your bum
    Sometimes you gotta honk and toot
    Via the flute sticking out your bum

    I’ll have you know that Bareback to Bethlehem was a reasonable success and that I reaped much revenue from it after it was adopted as the Songs of Praise theme tune (causing a rift in the worldwide Anglican community).

  6. Banjo Fett Says:

    Talking of highly successful songs, I’ve just found the classic (and much emulated in these times of musical necromantic cannibalism) poultry-based superhero anthem, ‘Superduck’, by the obscure artists Keith Harris and Orville.

    Knowing JLB’s tastes as well as I do, I am sure that he will be overcome with mildly pessimistic indifference at this haul of aural treasure. Enjoy.

  7. johnlebaptiste Says:

    I look forward to it, in my limited way. The sample lyrics look promising.

    Mester Fett, it has been a while since you last let us have a peek into the magical whirligig of your brain. We (my assortment of sentient finger puppets and I) demand an entry forthwith.

  8. Banjo Fett Says:

    Rest assured, sir, I have sputum to expunge and I shall do so at my earliest convenience.

  9. Banjo Fett Says:

    Duly sputed, sir.

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