Screen Legends 1: Peter O’ Toole


Peter O’ Toole, with his azure eyes of the azurest shade of steely azure, can look into your soul, download it into his mind and then replicate it to such a convincing degree that, if he so chose, he could go round to your house and get your mum to make him treacle sponge. Never mind that he is 96 and wrinkled like unto the venerable tortoise. And never mind that you are but a lumprous adolescent, all bandy legs and Kleenex. Such is his thespianic acumen he can successfully pass himself off as anyone that has ever lived: Lawrence of Arabia, Lawrence of Watford, Gordon the Gopher… anyone!

His filmography is slight, like the man himself. He chooses his films carefully and shrewdly, like a prudent mother hen selecting the choicest chunks of meal worm with which to grace her noble beak.  To date he has only starred in three films: Lawrence of Arabia, Peter Stringfellow’s Arabian Nights and Robocop 3: Descent of the Gastropods.  His role in the latter, as a tourist forcefully demanding that Robocop rescue a bunch of weaklings from a vicious quasi-Arabic snail was a tour de force.

He is survived by Prince Philip, the concept of schadenfraude and himself.


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