Movie Trivia: Robocop 3


Here is a hot sliver of movie trivia for all of you factophiles out there. 

Perusing ‘Tits ‘n’ Titanium Trousers: The Life of Paul Verhoeven’, I came upon the following revelation. Robocop was not always titled thus. Its provisional title was Policebot, but it transpired that another movie had taken that title: to wit, a government information film on the dangers of being kettled about the rump by truncheon-happy lawmen. Who knows whether it be coincidence or one of those snickering Hollywood in-jokes that Robocop 3 features a degenerate drug-dealer developing tetanus of the buttocks after the titular cyborg paddles him upon the bottom with a hydraulic hammer? No one knows. But one thing is certain: robot-man + blunt instrument + reprobate’s bum = a whole heap o’ entertainment.


3 Responses to “Movie Trivia: Robocop 3”

  1. oldrope Says:

    I prefered Anal Droids 4. Which stared Johnny Five. He’d falled on hard times after Short Circuit and hit the oil pretty hard. Bit of a tragic downward spiral all in all… but he really did the business in that machine grot flick

  2. johnlebaptiste Says:

    Errrrrrr. I’m pretty sure it was Anal Droids 5 starring Johnny Four. Get your facts right. Smirk. Gloat. Crow, etc.

  3. oldrope Says:

    Who cares, the important thing is that ‘bot was hot!

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