Working Titles 3


Here are some more working titles, pasted from the comments section of the two previous Working Titles posts, where they languished in undeserved obscurity. I’ve indicated the authors at the end of each entry. BF = Banjo Fett (or Boglin Fist), PR =Pariah Rustbucket (or Perpendicular Ruffian), SE = Spicy Eggnog (or Snaggletoothed Empress). Spicy Eggnog is the latest addition to the Agoraphobic Reviewer hive-mind. We should be treated to one of his ponder-pieces very soon, provided he can get off his indolent, gopher-groping haunches and write something. In the meantime, you can read about his adventures in Scandinavia and his own mind at the Fiskepudding Chronicles.

Last Tango in Paris = Butter My Love (BF)

Back to the Future = How I Nearly Did My Mom (BF)

The Neverending Story = The Story Without End (BF)

The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter = The Story Without End, Part II (BF)

The Neverending Story III: The Escape From Fantasia = The End of the Story Without End (BF)

2001: A Space Odyssey = 2001: A Space Iliad (PR)

Dances with Wolves = Shuffling Gopher Grope (SE)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button = The Intriguing Instance of Zebediah Zip-Fastening (PR)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit = The Bunny Boiler (PR)

Up = Down (PR)

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope = The Daring Adventures of Young Captain Lazer-Sword (BF)

The Sixth Sense = The Ghostly Detective (BF)

Se7en = I’ve Gone and Done It Again! (BF)

Toy Story = Child’s Play 4 (BF)


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