Working Titles 4


To put off writing the two film reviews I have lined up, here is another installment in the Working Titles series of posts. Be warned, this is in fact a duplicitous ruse to lure the other AR writers and regular readers out of their dark dank holes and enter the Henry Fool poetry competition, since I know no one can resist the allure of posting Working Titles. I need not ask people to make suggestions in the comments section, for like the slavering dogs you all are, you will be all over it like a puppy in it’s own poo.

Batman = Bruce Almighty!

Sex and The City 2 = Fucking On A Farm

Jason & The Argonauts = Jason & His Technicolour Dreamboat

Date Night = Brothel Hour

Marley and Me = Rocksteady Doggy

Pinocchio = Pedophiles and Puppets

Sin City = Sheffield

Sister Act = Black Nun Boogie

Sister Act II: Back In The Habit = Shire Act: Back In The Hobbit


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8 Responses to “Working Titles 4”

  1. johnlebaptiste Says:

    Schindler’s List = The Hottest Ticket in Town
    Timecop = Clockpig
    Robocop = Pigbot
    Mona Lisa Smile = Dead Bluestockings’ Society
    Henry Fool = The Poem Master
    Lawrence of Arabia = Turk Attack!
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer = The Vampire Slayer

  2. oldrope Says:

    Hot diggety! Like lumpy camel manure off a shovel, BANG! JLB is in there

    Love the first one. Moistened my eyes. It’s funny and it makes you think

  3. johnlebaptiste Says:

    They do call me Flying Camel Shit Man.

    Here are another few for you:

    Blade Runner = Ye Shall Not Best Me, Replicants
    Terminator = Have At Ye, Cyborg
    Predator = Not On My Watch, Alien Scum
    Alien = The Beast Must Feed

  4. oldrope Says:

    Maintaining the Sci-fi theme……

    Planet of The Apes = New York New York
    Metropolis = Trumpton, The Movie
    Total Recal = Mars Bars
    Moon = Bare Bumcheeks

  5. johnlebaptiste Says:

    I like bare bumcheeks.

  6. johnlebaptiste Says:

    Training Day = Induction Weekend

    Nosferatu = Nosfera-two: Nosfera’s Back!

    Easy Rider = Counter-Cultural Velocipedists (this is actually what it is called in South Korea)

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon = Various Crouching and/or Hidden Beasts

  7. oldrope Says:

    Lord of the Rings = Pixie Adventures In Front of a Green-Screen

    M = P

    The Battleship Potemkin = Tugboat Tim

    Spartacus = Aldi-cus

    (See my new review of the first in the list)

  8. johnlebaptiste Says:

    Snicker. ‘M = P’ reminds me of the catastrophic ‘Dial M for Murder’ sequel, ‘Dial P for Paedo’. One can only speculate as to why cinema audiences universally shunned a film about a gang of crime-solving pederasts who take out an ad in the Yellow Pages.

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