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The Dark Knight Rises – exclusive photos!!!

August 15, 2011

Anyone with a basic awareness of the existence of the internet will be conscious this week of one thing and one thing only. The Nolan-Batman-Franchise Leviathan has awoken from its 3-year slumber. And it’s horny as hell. We, the public, are but trembly Jonahs. We shall all be swallowed by an irresistible mountain of publicity blubber (blublicity) and transported beneath a boiling sea of hype, flee as we might. We’ve seen the trailers, the teasers, the titillators, the spoilers, the limited edition tie-in Doilies. Now, friends, see the new batch of exclusive Dark Knight Rises photos:

Pic 1:

Batman and Bane face off, with devastating consequences!

Pic 2:

Batman upbraids a scoundrel, while Alfred zips past, Chagall-style

Pic 3:

Batman visits a convalescent Commissioner Gordon in hospital