Horror Film Titles


Sometimes you can learn all you need to know about a horror film from its title alone. With that in mind, here are some of my favourite horror film titles (obviously I’ve never watched them):

I Spit In Your Eyes

Dinner Time

Supernatural Unpleasantness


They Came From The Other Place

The Whistler

Don’t Be Frightened

Chain ’Em To Grandma

Mexican Burrowing Weevil

But I Turned Off The Tap…

Dead Chicks 3D

The Fiddling

The original VHS release poster of 'I Spit In Your Eyes'

The original VHS release poster of ‘I Spit In Your Eyes’



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13 Responses to “Horror Film Titles”

  1. johnlebaptiste Says:

    Here are some more:

    Lookee Here
    The Man
    Inconspicuous House
    That Is Not My Father

    • fringevoid Says:

      I think I saw that at Blockbuster once! Heard of these?

      Hooker Strangler
      Oh, the Horror!
      Black Guys Die First
      I Said, “Who’s Out There?”
      Serial Troll
      EEEK: The Kill-ening
      Dark Night of the Cactus People

  2. johnlebaptiste Says:

    Dark Night of the Cactus People is my 43rd favourite film! It’s a shame you couldn’t see any of the Cactus People though, on account of the dark night and that.

    That’s a nice blog you’ve got there Fringevoid. I like your Lost Boys drawing.

  3. Banjo Chutney Says:

    I’ve only seen the second of the ‘I Spit in Your Eyes’ films – ‘I Spit in Your Eyes Too’. It was ok, but I expected more eye-spitting.

    I’m itching to see ‘Solutions Consultant 3’, ‘Grizzly Mandrake’ and ‘Supper with Satan’.

    • johnlebaptiste Says:

      Oh man. Solutions Consultant 3. That film gave a whole new meaning to the word ‘spreadsheet’. Unless ‘spreadsheet’ already meant a table that you make using Excel. In which case it reinforced the original meaning. There was some dark synergy in that film.

      Have you seen ‘Little Bobby’s Pig House’?

  4. Banjo Chutney Says:

    Well. I get confused between that and ‘Little Piggy’s House of Bob’. Which is which?

  5. Banjo Chutney Says:

    Too Many Pigbobs.

  6. oldrope Says:

    I like That Is Not My Father, though I thought the end was a little predictable (SPOILER – It is).

    Other faves include:
    Miscellaneous Horror Film
    Phil’s Horror Miscellany
    Missal Anus Holler Kiln
    Mistletoe Knee Us Otter Fill
    How Could I Let You Get Away Baby (its intelligent and unnerving use of the Spinners 70s soft soul record of the same name as the theme was inspired and chilling)
    When Hotmail Burns
    Bonfire of the Bonfire-ities
    Love Shark!
    Horror? I Barely Know Her! (a grim, bleak, extreme bloodcore flick banned in over 100 countries.)

    I’m really more of a romantic comedy man meself.

    • johnlebaptiste Says:

      Title Fever! I need a flannel or sumpn. Nice suggestions Ropey. I’m going to compile everyone’s suggestions into a ‘Horror Film Titles 2’ entry. Anyone got any more suggestions? Here are two more of my fave British titles from the early 60s:

      Quaint Hamlet of the Blood Gathering
      Pit of the Man Who Owns The Pit

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