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A Birthday Card from Pariah Rustbucket

February 12, 2014

So I got a birthday card from Pariah Rustbucket. In the card was a story. It was the best story I’d ever read. Here’s how it went:

“The Birthday Robot” by Pariah Rustbucket

One day it were my birfday and i got a BIG present it was all in papur I ript the papur and there it was a ROBOT. Mum and dad say there son it your burthday we have brought you a robot. well the robut waked up and say bleep bleep hello and then did a sound like zzt and we all laghed it sound like the robot fart. then the robot had a flashy gun and zappp Pickles our dog were goned. mum and dad say holy cow stop that thing the robut spinned round and round with all smoke. well the robut bursted through the front door. And we nevir saw it again and that was my butthday robot.