Agoraphobic Headers

When The Agoraphobic Reviewer launched in 2009 it had a simplistic image strapped across its brow, the now infamous yet blurred face of a critic too afeared to leave his house. The header was revamped to something more elaborate in 2010, prompting editor John Le Baptiste to declare “[It is] pleasing to look upon it and see my own blubberous mug smugging back out at you”.

To celebrate the site’s first anniversary, contributor Old Rope produced a series of thematic headers, based on films the writers have not seen (obviously). Most of the headers feature editor and founder John Le Baptiste in some filmic guise or other.  If they look nothing like the originals then remember, we have never seen the films, so we would not know.

Smaller versions of these images are compiled below. The originals were obviously bigger than these. What do you think this, is smallville?

The ‘standard’ header

The Tron theme

Clockwork Orange theme

The Godfather theme

The Dark Knight theme

Buffy The Vampire Theme


Passion of the Christ (Don’t tell Mel)


4 Responses to “Agoraphobic Headers”

  1. johnlebaptiste Says:

    A series of masterpieces. Damien Hirst can go and whistle. Old Rope is the future of art. I’m practically quivering with excitement at the prospect of a Buffy header.

  2. oldrope Says:

    In talks with SMG. Her rider demands for the photoshoot are pretty steep though. I’m gonna need some more petty cash JLB

  3. johnlebaptiste Says:

    Nothing but the pettiest cash for you, my artiste.

  4. Riding horseback across the Andes « Old Rope Says:

    […] bashed out a header for the When Hearts Turn Blue (see also the headers made especially for The Agoraphobic Reviewer, The Many Deaths of John Le Baptiste, Fiskepudding Chronicles and, coming soon TSMUS) Old Rope […]

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