Agoraphobic Readers


Typical Agoraphobic Reviewer readers

The Agoraphobic Reviewer is a broad church, attracting readers of all stripes and sensibilities. We want to make the experience of reading our ill-informed reviews as rewarding as possible for everyone. So we asked what you wanted to read. And you told us, via Google Search Terms. Here are some of the more imaginative suggestions we indirectly received:

notorious big children

nasty man

pinocchio tattoo crotch

monkey hands

pallid bat

on the buses blakey i hate you butler

rocky meat toy

boy writing poetry

a pic of a monkey

sex with mermaids

bill y ted

shut up daft fool

grant morrison wishes happy birthday

salty sex

wolf elvis

vader riding a pig

beak gonzo

collin likes to have his uterus tickled with big birds feathers


3 Responses to “Agoraphobic Readers”

  1. johnlebaptiste Says:

    I wish the mermaid pervert(s) would just leave us alone. Of course if they did so it would decimate our readership*, but at least I wouldn’t feel implicated in their grubby little secret.

    *for which read ‘jpeg tourists’

  2. oldrope Says:

    jpeg tourists is such an apt term I may very well steal it for m’own

  3. johnlebaptiste Says:

    Some more choice search engine terms, reflecting the broad and catholic range of interests and intellectual subnormality of your average AR reader:

    handwriting and morality
    was benny hill charismatic
    date of birth mutiny on the buses

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