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Sex and the City 2

September 17, 2010

Holy Overkill! It's your special day!

M’lady. An infinitude of lavendiferous blessings to you on this most special of days, when you are to pledge your troth to your hairy big-dicked brute of a bridegroom. As you stand, glowing in the lilywhite rapture of your wedding-dress, while the plainer womenfolk nip at the fluffwork with loving, sisterly pincers, allow me, your humble servant, to convey the well-wishes of the guests:

From Hindustan, the Rajah of Bombay has sent you the soul of a tortoise, embossed with the golden teardrops of a dying wizard.

From Bedfordshire, the Guild of Orphans has sent you a packet of Monster Munch and a balloon. Enclosed within the balloon (which cost them a year’s gruel money), was a petit-parcel of parchment, on which was written “we love yoo Carry”. Bless their little dirty faces.

From the Republic of Texas, President Houston has sent you a Cherokee Sooth-Sayer and with it a note in which he expressed, in his characteristically rambunctious fashion, disappointment that you had declined to be his First Lady (cf. Sex and the City, Season 2). What a rascal, eh M’Lady?

From Libya, Colonel Gadafi has sent you an exploding muff. They do things differently there.

Your good friend Charlotte has sent you a Latvian baby.

The enchanting Miss Miranda has sent you a Fraggle Stick. I’ll put it with the others, shall I?

Samantha has sent you a rude pun. Tee hee. She is incorrigible.

Unfortunately, your standard-issue gay friend sent you the same pun, but he did include a receipt so you can take it back to the shop and replace it.

…oh my m’lady. You look like a cross between Greta Garbo, Princess Diana and the Virgin Mary. I could cry. I really could.


Working Titles 4

June 14, 2010

To put off writing the two film reviews I have lined up, here is another installment in the Working Titles series of posts. Be warned, this is in fact a duplicitous ruse to lure the other AR writers and regular readers out of their dark dank holes and enter the Henry Fool poetry competition, since I know no one can resist the allure of posting Working Titles. I need not ask people to make suggestions in the comments section, for like the slavering dogs you all are, you will be all over it like a puppy in it’s own poo.

Batman = Bruce Almighty!

Sex and The City 2 = Fucking On A Farm

Jason & The Argonauts = Jason & His Technicolour Dreamboat

Date Night = Brothel Hour

Marley and Me = Rocksteady Doggy

Pinocchio = Pedophiles and Puppets

Sin City = Sheffield

Sister Act = Black Nun Boogie

Sister Act II: Back In The Habit = Shire Act: Back In The Hobbit